Tuesday, July 8, 2014

when I was in college, I had to fulfill a class requirement of either American Journalism History or Laws & Ethics in Journalism. on the morning I registered, the history buff in me earnestly clicked the box marked "JOU 3376" and I subsequently spent the next semester poring over the gritty, intricate details of where paper originated and the various events that transpired to bring newspapers into popularity. needless to say, while there were a few highlights, I should've opted for Laws & Ethics. the good news is, of every single thing I could have learned that spring at Baylor, I will forever remember that the motto for the New York Times remains the same now as it was at its creation: "all the news that's fit to print."

moving right along here, I'm going to let you in on a little secret.

or maybe it's not a big secret. I know, I've mentioned it here before, a time or two. stay with me.

over a year ago when I thankfully stumbled upon theSkimm, I fell hard. definitely love at first sight click. the daily e-newsletter is a quick and witty compilation of the day's headlines... and most days, I literally laugh out loud at the snark. it has quickly become one of the highlights of my morning routine (right after snugsing with maizie, obviously).

the news service was founded by two sassy young females who noticed the simultaneous lack of and need for an outlet like this. the best part for me about theSkimm is that the news blurbs are crazy informative, but so succinct. and they always include a little back story, so I know exactly how it relates to me. the whole idea is a genius concept, and frankly, I'm surprised it took as long as it did for someone to come up with something like this. it takes me a lot longer to read a mindless buzzfeed post about being a 90's kid than it does to get my morning fill of the news.

I can't recommend it enough, go see for yourself.

that's all. ;)

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