Monday, August 18, 2014

my gosh. mid-August... really?

all at once, I can't shake the thoughts of football season and the fiery crackling leaves under my boot steps. the apple cider... le sigh.

but I know how it goes. this is typical for me. 

summer has been ridiculously great. it really has. the temperature has been insanely mild, the telltale carefree nature of the season abounds, I've spent a lot of time just enjoying life. we've had a great mix of escaping town and savoring our downtime at home. I'm grateful for that. it's refueled my soul a little, I think. life gets so busy and we get so wrapped up in schedules and checklists and before you know it, you realize you're suddenly another year older. but it's not sudden. everyone has the same amount of time in a day. while I love the exuberance that comes from being accomplished, I dread the idea of missing the tiniest of shreds of quality life. my word for the year is "deliberate" and I am doing my best to be just that.

we inaugurated our start to summer with some ongoing house projects (ST built these gorgeous shelves for our living room and some of our closets! crafty handyman that he is...) we raced down 65 and spent memorial day in birmingham with dear friends, barbecuing and catching up on life. you may not know, but ST and I first met in birmingham, so it obviously holds a fondness unlike any other.

we trekked on down to texas for a long weekend of camping with my crazy family. I drank up the 90+-degree heat until I could feel it lingering in my lungs, and laughed until I cried, surrounded by some of the people I love most in this world.

hiking, watching my baby nephews and niece camp for the very first time, and boozing on the lake in the Greatest Raft Known to Mankind were the obvious highlights.

the resulting sunburns we earned? notsomuch.

two weeks later, we were off to DC! I'm proud to say that we crammed a lot into a few days, and I was excited to show the city off to cary. at 12, I think he's the perfect age to (my brothers and i were 12 one of the first times we went) explore the city, and I feel fortunate to have shared the experience with him... he was a little bored at times, but to see his eyes light up when he found something of interest? seriously priceless. I'm grateful we're able to give him memories like this.

we spent most of our first day traipsing through the air & space museum, and later, the big monuments (but missed the vietnam veterans' memorial and arlington national cemetery, unfortunately). we spent time at the national zoo (where I fell in love with elephants all over again!) and managed to walk over 20,000 steps in a day (yeah... I'm a little obsessed with my pedometer app). ST found an awesome local eatery called jojo's that had fantastic cajun--I definitely recommend if you're in the area!

we covered the natural history museum, capitol and library of congress. the LOC was one locale I'd never been to, and I'm so glad I made time for it... the space is truly magical--and reminiscent of the NYC public library. the rain didn't daunt our travels... I had such a fun time with those two. 

and maizie very much enjoyed the plush accommodations at the westin. two paws up.

later on came the baby shower I helped plan for my dear, dear friend, chelsea (she's due in just over two weeks and while I doubt my antsiness rivals hers, I am so ready for this baby to be here!). factoring in her love of reading, we threw a gender neutral (no! they don't know the sex of the baby! beacons of fortitude, I tell you) book-themed party. I think it was a huge hit--I know I had a blast planning it and the other hostesses were just dolls to work alongside... I cannot recommend this theme enough--it was so awesome that everyone joined in and brought kids' books instead of cards--voila. baby's got a library! it was truly such a sweet, sweet day, and I'm honored I had the opportunity to plan it for her (and I mean, isn't she gorgeous? totally glowing and I just love looking at these pictures. she's going to be an incredible mama.)

we spent a fairly quiet independence day watching downtown fireworks from our roof (maizie included!). my department was surprised with a somewhat impromptu office move (which resulted in a slightly smaller, but overall nicer office for me!). we escaped to the farmer's market a handful of times, and I got a LOT of quality time with my sweet girlfriends--including my KA who came all the way from st. louis to spend a (lazy, rainy) weekend with us. we celebrated chelsea's birthday and at the end of the month, ST and his buddy, tom and I went to see mr. lamontagne at the woods at fontanel--a venue we hadn't visited yet. so cool, so very nashville.

august came ferociously! I spent the first weekend visiting charlotte, north carolina, for the first time for work. five days later, I was jetsetting to houston for work--but also for a little play. I got to spend a few days with my best friend and indulge in some much-needed, soul-nourishing girl time. I also got to spend time with my best friend from childhood--whom I'll see more of at the end of this month at my high school reunion! I logged lots of hours in the kitchen, a little bit of time snuggling with my favorite baby girl, and then this past weekend was spent helping with move-in on campus! we've had a couple of date nights tucked into the past several weeks, but the rest of the month will be solely dedicated to enjoyment--especially when we head home for my reunion and some family time.

my ever-reliable itch for autumn has turned the corner. summer? you've been sweet... but I'm ready for football and campfires and the boots and the jeggings and the scarves. I'm so excited for the next several weeks. cue the cheese, but I'm just grateful for this stage of life. I know one day my life will be measured by diaper changes and appointments at the pediatrician, and for now, I'm perfectly fine with where I am. the fall brings with it the saturdays of football and beer festivals and thinking the orangey gold leaves are the prettiest they've ever been--hands down. but also? it will bring relaxation. we still have trips to asheville and charleston on the books, and I'm off to san diego for work in november (more on that later!), and then a couple more trips to texas too... but somewhere? somewhere in the middle of all of that? I WILL relax. ;)

it's been a really, really good summer. I'm not too sad to see it ago... but hey, autumn? bring it on.

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