Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Why, hello!

Not to go all Miley on you, but October came in like a wrecking ball, am I right? I've missed this little ol' blog, but I'll be really honest--I've really enjoyed just living life (McConaughey style). This little inadvertent detox has done me some good...  I feel like blogs get to that state of staleness when your inspiration is dried up. I routinely found myself hardcore brainstorming about topics of which to write, and even then, what came to mind never really fit. It all felt so forced and that? is the absolute last thing I ever want out of this little corner of my world.

CliffNotes version includes some concerts (Vance Joy, Griffin House, Wild Feathers, and Victor Wooten with the Symphony), a whirlwind trip to Texas for my brother's wedding, and my best Nashville friend welcoming her first baby into the world. I made it through my biggest work event of the year, found myself mixed into a stellar small group of ladies with my church, and (drumroll, please!) celebrated six--count 'em!--SIX years with my main squeeze.

wacotown = the best.

 waco bffs. xo

with my broski and SIL at broski #1's wedding.

my dad really is just the best. 
 a rare, but stellar shot with my trio of crazy brothers.

 wild feathers with my blonde beauties.

 six years! sinema--one of my newest favorite restaurants.

so...we got a fire pit. needless to say, it's been a hit.

vance joy concert.

So, we've traveled a ton, I've shopped a lot little... I've been savoring autumn--now that it finally decided to show up--and have been excitedly anticipating the next few months, and yeah--hate me for it--but even next year.

Here are some highlights:

  • I've been upping my literary intake lately, and really, really loved Brain on Fire. The protagonist chronicles her month of essentially how she went crazy. Can't stop thinking about it. Mental illness is endlessly fascinating to me, and the way Susannah Cahalan tells her story is all kinds of captivating. I moved on to Lena Dunham's book next, and am loving it for a bevy of different reasons. Love her or hate her, she's a tremendous storyteller. Relatable, engaging and hysterical.
  • Have you seen Gone Girl yet? We freaking loved it. And well... I thought it was better than the book (there's a first time for everything!)
  • I've been in a hardcore soup haze lately. Any and all soups are all over my radar. I found this ridiculously easy recipe for broccoli/cheddar soup Sunday and whipped it up in no time. CANNOT recommend it enough. 

sunday's spoils: taco soup, broccoli cheddar, chicken noodle, pumpkin muffins, banana bread, 
and a freshly bathed and blown-out Maizie Boo.

  • Buy these booties. Half the price of anything from a department store, but super well-made and really versatile.
  • On the makeup front, I finally got the Jouer moisturizer sample in my most recent Birchbox and finally understand what all the rage is about... I'm obsessed. I'm ridiculously picky about foundations, but I can't wait to buy the full-sized version. Have you tried it? Secondly, when I was in Houston, my BFF talked me into buying this bold lip color, and it's quickly become my go-to. "Palomino" is the perfect fuchsia.
  • Speaking of BFF, ST stealthily teamed up with her and surprised me with my newest favorite perfume for our anniversary. It's been a while since I added something to the rotation, so I'm especially excited for something new. (We're both a little extreme with our scents--I surprised him with cologne too ;)
  • Sugar Paper collaborated with Target once again, and a new crop of planners was set to debut today... only, I ventured to my local store--and called two others--and no one had any idea what I was talking about. So... neat. I managed to track some down at a store near my office, so you know what I'll be doing tomorrow.
  • Do you watch American Horror Story? We just got into season one via Netflix and are completely hooked.  I'm anxious to get caught up and watch in real time. I know... true adult problems, right?
  • So, the newest craze in Nashville is the Escape Game... the Game consists of four rooms, or scenarios, from which to choose. Your team is tasked with figuring out the clues and escaping the room in an hour. I'm simplifying its definition, but trust me when I say it is a BLAST. We teamed up with one of our favorite couples for a hell of a date night a few weeks ago, and we managed to break out with 12 seconds to spare... we can't wait to go back!!

Up next? First and foremost, my sweet Maizie's birthday is today! Our second-annual BYOP pumpkin carving party is tomorrow, I'm presenting at a national conference (!!!) in San Diego in a few weeks (any recommendations?), off to Charleston for a dear friend's wedding and my birthday weekend, and then back to Texas for Thanksgiving and yet another fabulous wedding. There's plenty on the docket for December, but most excitingly? My parents are coming to spend Christmas with us!

So much going on, and so much to be thankful for. Life is so sweet right now, and I'm loving every minute of it... November is my favorite month of the year, and I'm welcoming her with open arms.

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