December 30, 2014

...another year gone.

I realize with each passing year, I sound more and more like a blue-haired, AARP card-toting member of a Buick-driving, prune-juice sipping demographic (disclaimer: none of that is intended to sound disrespectful, I love older people so very much)... but I can't help it. I am genuinely dumbfounded that each passing year speeds by, quicker and quicker out of grasp.

It's been a good year. No major loss, lots of growth (big recap of my year coming tomorrow!), but the dreamer and schemer in me is so "big picture" sometimes, that it's tough to label something as grandiose as a year of life as successful. I have to consciously evaluate and reevaluate the goings-on and the emotions surrounding them before I can slap a grade on it... so, after having a little introspective session with myself, I do believe I can deem 2014 a success.

While I tweak my other year-end posts, here's a list of what I've been loving lately:

  • We've made this tomato tortellini soup a few times and it's a huge hit... cozy comfort food is the name of my game.
  • Also, I found this cake recipe a while back and have baked it several times--ST will straight up ask for it specifically, which is saying a lot, coming from his easy-going self. Bonus: both of these recipes originated with my newest favorite food blog... check them out. Also, going to make these puppies tonight!
  • Can't stop listening to this album lately... excited to see them here in Nashville on the 17th!
  • ...and I know I'm late to the game, but this T-Swiz mashup is just endlessly beautiful. I literally listened to it about 200 times at my desk today. Truly. (also? girl is in Nashville! the music city moniker rings true yet again).
  • As my goal list grows increasingly longer and longer, I'm sticking to running a half-marathon (love these tips!), this ever-popular (local) juice cleanse, and taking some coffee classes at one of my favorite local shops (lucky for you, you can check out their crafty online tutorials!)
  • A sweet and realistic post on how BFFs evolve into something else when you're in your 30s.
  • I can't even tell you how much I love this life advice.
  • In an effort to guide your closet purging, if that's also what you do every few months like me, this is a really helpful graphic.
  • And in an effort to be genuinely reflective, here's a fabulous list of questions to ponder as you look back on your own 2014, and look ahead to what you hope next year brings.



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