January 12, 2015

Happy Monday! I'm certain I'm not the only gal who faced the challenge of toggling between channels last night... Golden Globes, Girls, Downton. Awards Season offers a little something to anticipate in the midst of the bleakness of winter... and I loved evaluating each and every frock to dance across that red carpet. Here's my good, bad and ugly:

The Good:

The ladies in red wowed me... I really loved Allison Williams's, Viola Davis's and even racy little Heidi Klum's get-ups. 



Huge fan of all the whimsical and white.  Especially Chrissy Teigen and Emily Blunt.


 // I also loooved that Reese brought Cheryl Strayed with her--can't wait to see Wild! //

Also really loved Jenna Dewan Tatum's whole look--edgy waves with the asymmetrical pale yellow and perfect makeup. So pretty.

And my absolute favorites of the night were definitely K. Heigl's navy number (fit her like a glove and the pleated accent made it just the right amount of interesting) and Miss Stone's super sleek jumpsuit. WOW.



The Bad:

I feel like Anna Kendrick always looks so safe.. she's adorable, but the princessy pink didn't do it for me. She looks like a little girl.

I really liked the eggplant color on Katie Holmes, but the bottom half was so boring... and wrinkled. Looked like an off-the-rack bridesmaid's dress that was too long.

I really like Ruth Wilson (The Affair was a surprise of show this year--really evocative and interesting manner in which they film the characters' perspectives), but this dress was way too retro for me.

 And while I realize Kerry Washington can typically do no wrong, I hate this dress on her.


Aaaaand, the ugly:

Kate Mara. No ma'am. So much wrong with this.

And Keira, while I realize you're pregs, that's no excuse. This doily lampshade situation is terrible.

Again, Wiig is one of my favs... but not a fan of this pile of fabric either.

 Zosia. No. Looks completely mismatched and way too billowy.

In terms of moments (and I didn't watch it all, p.s.)--I loved Gina Rodriguez's acceptance speech. I loved Clooney's sweet solo to Amal (although she looked completely bored the whole time, IMO), and I loved that "Boyhood" won--we just watched it this weekend, and it was just such a heartwarming and real movie. And the fact that it was filmed in Texas was a bit of a draw for me too.

What really took the cake was Diane Kruger's obvious elation when "The Affair" won (her longtime love Joshua Jackson is in it), and I really, really loved seeing Maggie and Jake Gyllenhaal in all of their perfect siblingdom, get super excited for each other. How much freaking talent can one family possess, I ask you? Gahhh, didn't he look amazing last night?

Can't wait for Oscar night!! Who do you think nailed it last night?

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