January 26, 2015

Winter in Nashville is in high gear. While no, we thankfully haven't been bombarded by any level of hellacious blizzard action, it's been dragging. I've done my best to get out, but this past week has worn on me.

Tuesday night was a highlight, as I was able to attend a Baylor event here in town, all about the impact of the works of C.S. Lewis.

I always love spending time with Baylor people--feels like home to me. Meanwhile, we did get a sweet dusting of snow on Friday night, which was just delightful... any sight of snow makes me light up like a toddler at Christmas. I love, love the sight of snow.

Saturday night, we spent partying for a good friend's birthday--dinner at the Sutler, Escape Game (we escaped!), and drinks at Sinema (complete with hijacked birthday cake)... it was a blast.

Sunday, I was more than a little run down and tapped into my first hot toddy for a cure--not too shabby! I could practically feel my airways opening up... good stuff (ST's top notch bourbon probably helped a bit too... I'm slowly easing into the bourbon game).

Happy Monday!

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  1. And you had a video chat date with your favorite Manhattanite.


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