February 12, 2015

Thursday! Week's almost over, praise the Lord.

Here are a few things I've stumbled across on the internet and such, as of late:

  • Shakey Graves just surprised with a new album, and I am digging it, for sure. His version of "A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes" is just so, so painfully cool.
  • It's Girl Scout Cookie season!! While my dad was my dealer back home (his co-worker's daughter was a Brownie), I have had to resort to my own devices here in Nashville... thankfully, I encountered an earnest bunch of dollfaces at the grocery store last week and have subsequently been snacking on Savannah Smiles, Samoas and (frozen) Thin Mints. It is a wonderful thing. Oh! And the app is totally worth getting, especially if you haven't had my luck just yet and have no dealer of your own. What's your go-to Girl Scout sweet treat?
  • I have finally jumped on The Good Wife bandwagon. Why did it take this long?? Do you watch it? Juliana Margulies is all kinds of flawless.
  • If you're as obsessed with Kendra Scott as I am, listen up. Amazon is offering a crazy discount (30%!) off some of their best pieces (specifically, my beloved Danielle and Skylar earrings). Use code: jewelry30. Ya welcome.
  • In related news, now is a prime time to get to the barre! I've really gotten into the Dailey Method lately, but this perk is all about Pure Barre. PB is offering one free class (a ridiculously overpriced value) during February--go see if your studio is offering the promo. I have an ongoing subscription, but the promo worked for me and added a class to my subscription. (Also, the promo says it's only good for valentine's day, but it added the class to my subscription, so I think it's good for whenever--just be forewarned!)
  • In more cookie news, I am a little bit ecstatic that these are a thing. Sweet Lord. Would you buy them?
  • I really, really, really love Maria Menounos. This just deepens that girl crush.
  • I've been a little more into horoscopes lately. I found this necklace and can't stop thinking about it. Are you into horoscopes at all, or is it way too Seventeen magazine for you?
  • In case you're still on a quest for a chic 2015 calendar to print (for free!), use this one. I have it in my office and looooove.
  • I am clamoring for spring like nobody's business. And at the top of the bucket list is planting my own garden... we'll see if it works out, but for right now, I've been logging the research and I'm really excited at the prospect of fresh salads and smoothies after a quick skip out to the yard.
  • Here are some cute printable valentines if you're looking for a quick fix!
  • We're heading home to Texas for over a week this summer and I cannot wait. It's all I'm thinking about... and this kick-ass shirt isn't helping matters. I think I need it. #hometownhero

Music and jewelry and junk food and such... yep--seems like I covered all my bases.

Hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Day--whomever you're snuggled up with!

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