February 16, 2015


Here we go! Round two!
  • Becca looks amazing in that yellow peplum. Solid choice, girl.
  • Where are they?
  • Ohhh, crazy nice apartment.
  • "even though it's not Italy or Belgium fancy." Hahaha--even he feels like he got the Bachelor traveling shaft.
  • K, I really want that yellow top. Where are you when I need ya, Possessionista?
  • I'm glad they got some quality chat time.
  • Ahhh and here we go with the drama.
  • Oh man! She's leaving... really?!
  • If this is truly how she feels, I 100% respect her... this is marriage, after all. But I kinda wonder if she's just leaving because she knows blew it and she's on her way out anyway.
  • They should really leave her alone... it's her decision. They're all being petty and insecure because she's obviously in the lead.
  • Carly, I admire that moxie, sister... but you're not going to win. That catty attitude isn't going to get you anywhere in the end.
  • Love Kaitlyn's dress... a lot.
  • I like Carly's dress too. But I am so sick of her whininess. Focus on YOUR relationships, doll.
  • I love that Chris always kills the rose ceremonies. No BS.
  • Carly's smug little smile.
  • I mean, I realize I'm a huge fan of Britt's, but I'm glad she pulled him aside to chat it out. The other girls would have done the same thing... claws are out.
  • Oh gosh... he's not letting her get a word in edgewise.
  • Really didn't think that Carly would outlast Britt.
  • Wow... this is hard to watch. I really like her. Who can blame the girl for wanting some validation? I realize she had it--and a lot of it--but I think that was her downfall... always having it from day one, then feeling as though she was coming up short in the end.
  • Oh gosh, I really want Carly to go home. She's just not nice.
  • Britt for Bachelorette!!
  • Send Carly home.
  • Wait... how many roses are left? Looks like four, Kaitlyn already has one... doesn't that mean everyone gets one?
  • We know Jade stays because we see her explain the Playboy thing.
  • Oh good... only one left! See ya, Carly!
  • She has to know it too.
  • It's sad that she's hurt, but I think she focused too much time on bringing out the flaws of others.
  • I really hate when they complain about not feeling wanted--you're more or less on a game show. You know what you're getting into.
  • Awww, I love that Becca is from Louisiana.
  • That's a fun date... very Notebook-esque.
  • The hometowns are so meaningful, but give me so much anxiety.
  • Becca's sister looks like Parker Posey.
  • It's kind of odd for her sister to be talking about how Becca won't be affectionate in person... how would she know? Just because it hasn't happened doesn't mean it won't.
  • Uh oh. Is that a parking lot carnival? Because if it is, someone is definitely about to die.
  • Here we go, Chicago!
  • I wonder if Whitney could keep on with the fertility nursing bit in Iowa.
  • So, how awkward would it be if Jade's Playboy was in the specimen room?
  • This has now passed the line of cute and quirky to downright bizarre and uncomfortable.
  • Phew... glad this isn't happening.
  • Ha--funny toast, Uncle Johnny.
  • Love that Cat Studio pillow in the background.
  • I always love the family members who are hellbent on playing devil's advocate.
  • I totally understand big sister's apprehension. Good for her to sticking to her guns.
  • OMG maltese pup!!!! I love Whitney!
  • Sweet proclamation of love. Love the wine.
  • Not a fan of the bubble gum pink nails in the fall though. Just gonna put that out there.
  • I think they could certainly work out.
  • Loooove Kaitlin's top!!
  • How fancy--winter home in Phoenix.
  • Rapping. Yawn. But I guess it's a good way to cut loose and get to know her better.
  • So much family.
  • I really like Kaitlyn. I think she's the most genuine, the most true to herself.
  • Oh, how cute are you with your marquee???
  • Jade is from Nebraska, eh? That saucy little Midwesterner.
  • I'm kinda anxious to see his response to the Playboy situation.
  • Ha, I love all of her family hinting as to how wild she can be.
  • Ahhh, here we go.
  • Can't at all read his reaction.
  • "Sure!" Show me some of these pics, girl.
  • I think she's thinking she'll open it up and they'll be super hot and impressive... but I'm not sure that's what Iowa man is into. Not a month into this anyway.
  • Even if he doesn't mean it, his response is fairly solid. "I'm looking to fall in love with a person, not their career..." great reply.
  • Gosh! Who is going?!
  • Sad to say, but I think my guess is Jade... :/ Whitney is solid. I think Becca and Kaitlyn are too.
  • Kaitlyn looks super hot.
  • Yay, she's safe.
  • ...
  • Nailed it.
  • Sad for Jade though... I think she was a little young for this experience, but that she would have fit in, in Iowa. Sweet girl.
  • Wow... good for her for holding it together.
  • It was obviously hard for him to let her go. 
  • Next week, off to Bali! Finally, a decent vacay!
  • Okay... top two are Whitney and Kaitlyn, I think. I adore Becca, but I think the other two are just stronger.
  • HAHAHA, love the little horny dog!! Amazing, getting her fifteen minutes of fame.
Down to the wire, almost done with this thing!!

What'd you think? Who's your final pick? Were you surprised to see Britt or Jade go home?

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