February 19, 2015


...just a roundup of some pretty sweet stuff I think is worth relaying to you:
  • Classpass is coming to Nashville... I'm indifferent right now, I think. I have recently gotten into Dailey Method, which I daresay, I'm enjoying more than Pure Barre... the whole, only-hitting-up-each-locale-thrice-monthly is my deterrent, as I really delve into whatever newest class I get into. what do you think? Do you have Classpass in your city?
  • One of my go-to baby gifts, as of late (literally bought three sets in the past six months). Hugely appreciated by all new and seasoned moms. Trust.
  • My favorite red polish lately... perfectly transitional between cold and warm seasons!
  • New nightly ritual consists of this on my lips, this on my face (nothing is curing my uber-dry winter skin better).
  • Scooped this flowy, feminine top up on crazy sale last week ($17!)... I'd seen it on half of the ladies in my office over the past couple months and had to have it.
  • Repeat after me: Audiobooks. Audiobooks, audiobooks, audiobooks. I have an Audible account and have become completely obsessed... lately, I've been listening to Cheryl Strayed's Dear Sugar and just become completely engrossed in her story-telling and endless, endearing wisdom. 
  • We were craving something sweet last night--operating with a minimally stocked pantry (thanks, ice storm), I'm proud to say that I managed to corral the ingredients to make these goodies from my childhood--and this recipe totally took me back to helping my mom in the kitchen, measuring the butter, and later, enjoying my reward of my crucial attention to detail when I was passed the bowl to lick. 

What have you stumbled across lately that you can't get enough of?

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