March 30, 2015

Monday, glorious Monday!

The definite change of my attitude due wholly to the springtime weather is a little shocking to me. I've never so much noticed the shifting of my entire self come warmer weather, but this season, it is crazy obvious to me. I feel like a new girl--literally driving to work with a grin on my face. I'm sure passersby were wondering if I forgot my meds.

I've got so many fun things on the horizon--I think maybe that's what is bringing the most cheer my way. I am always my best, always myself when I have a full calendar. That, coupled with 72-degree sunshiny days, and I mean, I'm kinda living in a Disney movie. I am so thankful for this changing of seasons, which my soul so desperately thirsted for, unbeknownst to me until now.

Spring means patios and maxi dresses, cocktails, concerts and festivals. Lots of travel and birthdays to celebrate. The holidays are old news and the year is in full swing and I couldn't be happier.

Here's a round-up of what I've been immersed in, as of late:

donning: splash of grenadine on my talons. and my all-time summer fav, geranium on my toes.
reading: girl on the train (hawkins), don't waste your life (piper), get big things done (dhawan, joni)
watching: just finished unbreakable kimmy schmidt--funny and bizarre. good background noise with an occasional quippy one-liner. really ready for the conclusion to mad men!
sipping on: my newest favorite drink from starbucks (never did I really care before that they bought Teavana. brava, ladies and gents). -- also, here's a fab grocery store alternative!
coveting: these shoes. classic, but sexy and versatile.

  • Speaking of beverages, I will certainly be making some of these for the Favorite Things Party I'm hosting later this month.
  • As a product of my personality, I am endlessly fascinated with productivity and time management. This article really hit home.
  • Do you listen to the Dear Sugar podcast?
  • Ummm, definitely need to add this guy to the rotation.
  • If you give a dude a kale chip? Hilarious.

Hope your week started off wonderfully, loves!


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