March 31, 2015

You've likely read of my praise-singing of The Skimm. I can't recall specifically how I discovered the gem of a newsletter a couple years ago, but it has really become a staple in my morning routine. The organization created a street team, cleverly dubbed "Skimm'bassadors," of which I am a card-carrying member. 

But back to the emails.

So often, I have questions surrounding the details of why certain international conflicts are ongoing, or really need some background information on X, Y or Z in the news, or put more simply? Why I should care about this, or that and specifically how it affects me.  Where was the succinct list of headlines I could review whenever I wanted?

Cue The Skimm--a one-pager of news highlights, ushered in to your inbox each weekday. And not only are you set for the day, briefed on world happenings--more often than not, the banter is dripping with so much sass and sarcasm, you'll giggle your way through blow-drying your hair. Read: a pretty fabulous way to kick-start the morning (especially for those non-morning person folk. Yep. Right here.)

Introduced by girl geniuses, Danielle Weisberg and Carly Zakin--two friends turned roommates turned business partners--this innovative and effervescent pair has taken the media world by storm, if you ask me.
...and Oprah.

...and Forbes.

...and Chelsea Handler. And Reese Witherspoon. And SJP.

...and Elle.

...and the New York Times. And the Post!

...and Levo League.

...and HuffPo.

 ...and NPR.

...and basically? Everyone else who matters.

This is one of my favorite interviews they've done as of late--definitely encapsulates the whole Skimm picture, IMO. In an industry that has been historically male-dominated, it's both refreshing and inspiring, to witness the world of modern journalism being steered deftly by two young women. Their obvious dedication and passion is a direct link to the string of accomplishments the publication has experienced over the past couple years--and for the imminent success that has yet to unfurl.

...and I mean, if I was tasked with managing the role of casting director for their upcoming blockbuster mega-hit movie, Allison Williams would play Danielle, and Katie Cassidy would portray Carly. I mean, right??
//via and via.//

Love these girls, love their work, love being a teeny part of it. 

So, seriously: what are you waiting on?? Go sign up!!

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