April 13, 2015

Another week down... springtime is in full force and I am practically jubilant.

...as is my little dog, who has been getting lots and lots of time on the greenway.

...as is my sweet guy, who has found his way back to his beloved grill, which has delighted me to no end. We'll basically stay camped out on our patio for the next six months--God willing--and I couldn't be happier. Uhhh, bonus: I got the man who doesn't touch green anything to eat zucchini. Total win in my book.

I hosted my Favorite Things Party on Wednesday (more on that later), and it was a total blast. I have the best friends. I love any setting hat affords me the chance to intermingle my various friend groups--and this one was just perfect.

Hope you have a lovely week! What are you most looking forward to this week?

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