April 8, 2015


Hello! Happy hump day! Here's a little of what's going on in my world, as far as the internet is concerned:

  • I heard about this TED Talk on my beloved Call Your Girlfriend podcast last night, watched today and just loved it. I know TED Talks usually warrant yawning, but rest easy, this is about 22 minutes long, and all about how your body language shapes others' perceptions of you. Fascinating.
  • Scarlet and Gold offers free webinars on calligraphy... pretty neat! (and now my Amazon cart is full of calligraphy supplies. True story.)
  • Anthro makes adorable barre socks! Who knew?
  • Obsessed with this song. And the video is kinda laughable.
  • Do you have a first aid kit for your pup? I definitely need to throw one together... if for no other reason than to have yet one more thing dedicated to my pup.
  • Oyster's list of Top 100 Books of the Decade is pretty awesome... and a reminder that I need to up my reading game.
  • ...and my writing game. I really like this little exercise and have implemented it into my everyday.
  • So, I've never owned nice aviators... and apparently Nordstrom price matches now, so it might just be the time.

donning: geranium. forever.
reading: girl on the train (hawkins), don't waste your life (piper), get big things done (dhawan, joni)
watching: mad men (yawn... just ready for it to be buttoned up). still can't stop thinking about this week's episode of john oliver. homeboy interviewed edward snowden and it was endlessly fascinating.
sipping on: iced dirty chai with coconut milk. trust.
coveting: new swimsuits for summer vacation! gah, like this sexy one-piece.


  1. thanks to this post I'm planning on ordering calligraphy supplies too!
    i also found this to be helpful! http://www.seblester.com/calligraphy

  2. what a great post!! thanks so much, lauren! :) and thanks for reading... :) post pics of your calligraphy when you get into it!


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