April 26, 2015

so... this past week did a pretty spectacular job of knocking me on my ass. I come to you, clad in rumpled PJ pants (ST is an eskimo and our thermostat is constantly at an arctic setting), haphazard topknot perched at the crown of my head, a freshly groomed Maiz, snugsing at my feet. It's safe to say I've done my best to spend the day relaxing, after:

monday? last night of community group (and the conclusion to a pretty intense 14-week bible study).
tuesday? lots and lots of brainstorming and discussion at my junior league council retreat. after driving out to the 'burbs to take dinner to a friend who just had a baby.
wednesday?  much-anticipated dinner plans (which turned into a five-hour event, complete with side-splitting laughter) with one of our dearest friends from our early days in birmingham.
thursday? skimm day happy hour, followed by an impromptu date night at patterson house (and three amazing drinks later...)
friday? a rough start to the day due to aforementioned date night, followed by a long workday and swinging out to see my former nannying charge dazzle and perform in her dance recital.

Today, we rounded it all out with church, our friends' sweet baby dedication at church, and a late Italian feast of a lunch, just me and the boys. This past week, I also knocked out a huge freelance project I do annually, and to claim it's a weight off my shoulders is a gross understatement. I didn't quite realize how heavy it was until I wrapped it up.

I'm eager to tackle this week--and the anticipation of all of our upcoming plans--with as carefree an attitude as I can muster!

Have a great week, y'all!

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