May 15, 2015

peachy roses and my favorite picture of my grandparents.

how you doin'?

summer is inching its way to Nashville and gah, I am ready for her. we are off for two weeks of vacay here in a matter of days and the timing couldn't be more golden. here's a roundup of life, as of late:

reading | just finished the girl on the train. honestly, looking back, it was a little meh. while I don't think it was entirely predictable, some of the buttoning up of the story line was a bit too neat, considering the intricacies of the plot line. that said, I don't NOT recommend it. it was touted as "the next gone girl," but I wouldn't put it in the same arena. I just started dana perino's "and the good news is..." and I am instantly transported back to my round-the-clock-fox-news-watching days in college, hellbent on pursuing the path of political journalism. I'm loving it.

browsing | I have a ridiculous number o' windows open on my chrome (this is new! just made the switch to chrome!) browser: lots of mad men commentary (poor betty!), grad school stuff, overpriced swimsuits for aforementioned vacation, upcoming events in nashville. tone it up. same ol.

donning | step right up. the most comfortable summer jeans known to man. I'm impatiently waiting for rain so I can finally model the wellies I've wanted for years. and my new (cheap!) bag. I have a thing for structured, simple, solid-colored bags and h+m has yet to let me down.

watching | the good wife. why the hell did I not jump on this bandwagon sooner? OMG, Alicia Florrick, you are a total shero. also? finally binged on the jinx. and it has blown my mind. ST stayed up two nights ago and watched all of them--homeboy couldn't get enough. we saw "age of adaline" a few weeks ago and it was so, so good. definitely recommend. could blake lively be any more gorgeous? life is so fair. also, rounding out mad men. whatever will I do without the mystery and deceit of don draper? (this is such an awesome forecast as to how it'll end...)

next, I am having a serious moment with amy schumer. girl is funny. go spend four minutes watching this.

wishing | texas weren't quite so many states away. and that people actually kept plans when they made them (passive aggressive to whine about, maybe... but that annoyance has become a recurring theme this week).

jazzed about |  my upcoming trip to texas! oh... and our week on a little island known as st. thomas. ;) my first two-week vacation from work ever.

sipping on | this grapefruit cocktail I found referenced in a TIU snippet.. juice one grapefruit, add a teaspoon of agave and a shot (or so ;)) of vodka... holy YUM. I've been knocking them back left and right. crazy refreshing and super easy.

wondering | how the hell was it seven years ago that I graduated from college?

looking forward to | summertime! we have so much planned, per the usual. I thrive on a full calendar.

nervous about | leaving maizie when we head out on vacation. I have such crazy anxiety about not being with her, but I know she'll be in good hands.

last, but most importantly (and therefore not least!), ST's birthday is today! happy birthday, lovey! so excited to share a fantastic weekend with you... you make that whole aging thing look so damn good. ;)

have a great weekend, y'all!

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