June 5, 2015

...coming at you live from the bustling metropolis that is Lorena, Texas!! I have been intently enjoying my extended vacation from work--we spent nearly a week in St. Thomas with friends (GO if you ever have the opportunity), and then ST headed back to Nashville for work and I skipped on over to Texas to see family and such. I was hesitant to leave work for two weeks--especially with my boss out on maternity leave--but the break has been so much more therapeutic than I expected. I mean... I'm kinda having a difficult time absorbing that I need to mentally check back in to Real Life in the not too distant future.

So, I wholeheartedly indulged in island life for a good bit, then immediately came back to my roots... a dear friend was married the day after I arrived here, and I've spent the past week trekking all over Texas (Dallas to Houston anyway) to love on friends (and their babies!), shopped my little heart out in Waco (a necessary errand every time I come home) and today I'll witness my baby cousin graduate high school before joining my big crazy family on our annual camping trip. 

Life is good today.

In the meantime, as you wait with bated breath for my endless slew of tropical photos, here's a short list of what's up with that!

 ...errr, me

reading | Dana Perino's "And The Good News Is..." also really itching to start "The Astronaut Wives' Club" (by Lily Koppel) as I am obsessed with that era and all things space and NASA.

jamming out | "Every Minute." - JJ Grey + Mofro.
"The Wire." - Haim.
"Hallelujah." - Panic at the Disco.
"Bennie + The Jets." - Miguel.
"Fourfiveseconds." - Rhi Rhi, Kanye + Paul. 

browsing | In a manner that is not at all reflective of my typical habits, I have but three windows open, currently... gmail, blogger and reader. Aside from an influx of shameless vacation photos, I've really tried to disconnect from my phone and technology as much I can. And it has been fantastic.

donning | Old Navy? Shift dress game strong. I grabbed this and this this week. I don't do a lot of mall shopping in Nashville, because my anxiety with rude crowds would inevitably lead to homicide at some point. I also finally found this dress here in Waco! (sold out in Nashville and online). Target has been rocking the swimwear, per the usual--I got this top and this top (and replaced my forever old, but ever-reliable black bottoms... which took a day in St. Thomas to realize uhh, yeah, the elastic in these pups is SHOT. now would be the time to splurge on a $15 pair of bottoms, Meg.)

Otherwise, my "at home" attire consists solely of nike shorts, lululemon crops and old navy tank tops. It's quite a glamorous life I lead.

watching | Catching up on The Bachelorette as I have late night time when pops + jules have hit the hay. also, ST and I started Bloodline and I'm all about getting back into that when I get home

wishing | that "vacation" from work constituted authentic "vacation." I've spent more time on email than I care to mention thanks to summer print deadlines.

jazzed about |  my baby cousin's graduation! seeing extended family on my mom's side... and getting back to Nashville, ST and Maizers... and actually getting into ironing out some of our summer plans.

sipping on | Beer. Texas = beer.

wondering | How the hell could my cousin be graduating?! I remember the exact day she was born, May 16, 1997--my mom called me at school (I was in fifth grade), and I was called to the office--and subsequently had to climb over all of my classmates, as we were sprawled on the floor watching a movie in a dark classroom--to hear the news. Sweet memory.

DGAF | Caitlyn Jenner. I mean, way to go, Bruce... you do you. Why the hell does everyone care so much? Isn't there enough to worry about? Everyone has a freaking opinion about ev-er-y-thang and it just chaps my ass to hear and read so many opinions. Carry on. There are bigger fish to fry... fish you actually can control. Or something.

grateful for | yes, it's redundant, but this vacation was nothing short of heavenly. I've never been one who craved big-time vacations, but we have friends who so graciously invited us to join them on their vacation--and they were an absolute blast. Travel with others can be tricky, but it was such a memorable, hilarious, exciting and beautiful week. I feel really lucky to have them in our lives, and nearby in Nashville--they're the epitome of "good people." 

I promise an onslaught of vacation pictures soon--St. Thomas AND Texas! 

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