August 7, 2015

Talk about a hiatus.

This summer has been all kinds of things: relaxing, yes. Unusually stressful, and overwhelmingly good. I feel like fall is creeping on in and I've hardly sat still for the past three months... which usually is the ideal condition for me to do me, but I think this time, my plate is pouring over on all sides.

Summer officially kicked off with our extended vacay in May--a week in St. Thomas with friends and a week in Texas at home with my family. Both were incredible--but I definitely realized that an early-summer vacation lends itself to being a little burnt out and a LOT envious of everyone around you and their trips come June, July and August. Note to self: plan vacays no earlier than mid-June when possible.

My boss was out on maternity leave for the past several months, so while work was exceedingly busy (in the best way possible), the absence of my partner-in-crime (it's a two-woman office) left me a bit overworked and a little lonely. The next year of Junior League responsibilities is officially underway and I'd be lying if I said I have a good grasp on what I'm doing. Ladies (and gents?), I am the social media chair for JL Nashville this year... and it's quite the undertaking. One of the biggest chapters in the country and the task of relaying all of the information is all mine. That said, I'm doing some social media and marketing work for my barre studio too. Social media maven, right here. And since that's not quite enough to fill my plate, I decided to lead a bible study for my small group too. Amen.

And now? I just resigned from the job I love so much to shift gears entirely. I'm excited, mostly--it's incredibly bittersweet, because I have the most incredible boss in the world. I love my work. I know I'll stay in touch with my boss and former colleagues, and while a little of me thrives on change, the more emotive side of me is just feeling allllll of the emotions. It'll be a great change for me, but with change comes uncertainty and adjustment, and with all I've juggled this summer, I'm not entirely sure the time was ideal to shake up that soda bottle, but hey--opportunity never comes at a convenient time, right?

I have the best of intentions for this little blog of mine... I think of quirky and endearing posts--and then I get immersed in work or making plans, or hey, just enjoying something outside of a screen. You can't fault a girl for that, right? In this season of life where so much is changing, it's not unheard of to see the space evolve right along with it. I was hesitant to that for a while, but it's to be expected, I think.

I turn 30 in just over three months. I'm not scared of it by any means... it sounds daunting--as if the checklist of life is looming, and I'm riiiiight here instead of over there, where most 30-year-olds should be. I know that's a total misconception, but life around you tells a different story. Mostly? I'm excited to turn 30. It feels like an achievement--like, I made it here. Sometimes I floated on through, and sometimes I scratched and clawed my way to get here. But dammit, I'm here. And I'm proud of who I am and who I've fought to become.

My grandiose plans for a "30 by 30" list clearly fell by the wayside, but a "31 by 31" just might be on the horizon. Nashville is still wonderful... the traffic is worsening by the day as the droves head to make their homes here, but otherwise, I love my second home here and after three years, am totally settled. I miss home tremendously. That'll never change. My brother had a big health scare, my friends are having babies, my parents are nearing retirement--the world (and life in Texas) keeps spinning and I watch via text message and social media because I chose to move here to make my own life. It's tough sometimes. I know I'm missing out on a lot as I forge the path to keep becoming me.

So, what's next? Obviously the new job, come September. Football season!!! ST surprised me with ACL tickets for our anniversary, so we're off to Austin in October. My 30th (and subsequent glitzy, Gatsby party) is in November, and you know what comes next. Yeah, I see you, 2016.

So, I'm still here. I won't make any promises of plentiful posts (hey, alliteration) or super evocative content, but I am still here.

High points from the summer:

  • sending friends off to their next destination! (and thankfully, no one will be too far away).
  • a few shows--Zac Brown, The Who, Lord Huron... all amazing. Especially Zac Brown.
  • celebrating ST's birthday, two friends' weddings, and my cousin's high school graduation (and other friends' birthdays too! --including TheSkimm's third birthday!)
  • scuba-diving in St. Thomas with my love.
  • bunking in a hotel room with five of my dearest friends back home, after getting stuck in the mud at aforementioned friend's wedding reception (Texas downpours, you're to blame).
  • driving all over the great state of Texas, all in the name of spending as much time with the people I love as I could manage (Waco -> East Texas -> Dallas -> Waco -> Houston -> Waco -> Mexia -> Waco in a week).
  • camping with my crazy family, making s'mores alongside my baby nephews and niece, and hearing my brothers' and dad's laughs in person.
  • buying a turntable and splurging on 90 records in one day (Nashville is the sorta place that's easy to do that sorta thing).
  • hosting our somewhat-annual Independence Day grillfest.

The oppressive Nashville heat has slowly subsided, and with the kick-off of football season just inching on up, I can sense fall (insert Iliza Schlesinger joke - 2:38 mark). And this girl? IS READY. I have no real sense on when life will slow down for me, but I have faith it's coming soon. My thriving on a full calendar and inability to catch my breath have been the proverbial tug-of-war this summer, but I think I've yanked the rope just enough to get back to where I need to be.

Have a lovely weekend!

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