September 4, 2015

1. Today is my last day at Vanderbilt. For all intents and purposes, higher ed is all I have known for the vast majority of my career, and to put it behind me is a lot more challenging and emotional than I originally anticipated. I have met some incredible people, had some tremendous and unparalleled opportunities and truly learned every single day. Making this decision has been incredibly bittersweet, and I would be lying if I said I wasn't more than a little hesitant to switch this gear. Generically, I believe I have always assumed I don't adjust well to change, but as I get a little older (nay, wiser!), I think I might just thrive on it--as anxiety-ridden as it may be initially. I really savor a new challenge, a fresh environment, the chance to prove myself all over again. I am excited about all of that--but as change goes, hindsight is 20/20--so I am cautiously upbeat. Wish me luck.

2. In a totally shallow report, I just replaced the majority of the contents of my makeup bag. Holy hell... why is the good shit so expensive? That being said, I really, really love brand new makeup with it's unscuffed packaging and those grainy smooth, pigmented surfaces. Relatedly: go buy this fabulous lipstick. It looks good on everyone! New favorite. And grab some of this while you're at it. Your complexion will love you for it. Have you found any new products as of late?

3. So, September is officially here, and Nashville got the memo to kick it on up to the 90s again. Neat. "Ready" doesn't begin to cover how I feel about skinny jeans tucked into booties. A steaming coffee cup, buttery soft blanket and long book--curled up on the patio and watching the fog lift from the hills beyond my house. About scarves strategically-yet-sloppily tucked into quilted jackets. And soups and baking parties and pumpkins (NOT PSLs--I'm one of the lone ladies with an aversion to the stuff... do you know how much sugar is in that junk?!). So yeah... I'm ready. What do you think--bring it on, autumn, or six more weeks of summer--groundhog-style?

4. We're heading to Birmingham to BBQ on Sunday!! I'm certain I've mentioned that's where ST and I met, so it's always a nostalgic jaunt down 65 when we make the trip. We have friends who became family there--who happen to make the most amazing ribs imaginable--and I'll have my favorite peach shortbread in tow.

5. COLLEGE FOOTBALL IS BACK. Baylor kicks off at 6 tonight, I have a bet riding on the spread and oh my gosh, all is right in the world again.


Happy Labor Day weekend!!

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