October 25, 2015

we've hit that stride: the last quarter of the year when the days dissolve at an ever-increasing pace, weekends are always full, and you've just swapped the sundresses for boots and all at once, it's Christmas eve. every year, I swear I'll savor it more--that I won't let fall melt into winter, and then just wake up in a new year--and here it is, almost November. I'm attempting to hold myself accountable by putting the words on a screen--that by typing them out, and confessing my goal to stay present and to treasure the season, it'll be more likely to happen. here's hoping!

here's what I've had going:

reading | just finished the much-anticipated "the clasp" (sloane crosley). the lady is above and beyond, one of my favorites of all time, and I was so excited to tackle her first fiction work. she's endlessly clever and hilarious--so relatable. I loved it--like, stayed up until 2 a.m. on a school night, crying as I folded the book closed, loved it. If you aren't ready to commit to a full-fledged book situation, follow her on twitter @askanyone. brilliant banter comin' atcha.

And I just dove into my first jojo moyes book ("me before you")--any jojo moyes fans out there?

jamming out | hozier's live album is on repeat. as is ryan adams's 1989. we went to ACL a couple weeks ago (!!!) and I've been on a father john misty kick ever since. also digging adele's new single. as is everyone else who has a pulse.

browsing | calligraphy class info. ebay steals. my pinterest boards. an NPR article on investing.

donning | I'm about as #basic as they come in that I squeal over fall clothing. I finally invested in a trench coat that I am getting a ton of wear out of... and I'm having mad love for flannel tops too. oh! and I am head over heels for the baggy work pant trend. I just got these (red and black) and these (navy and charcoal), and basically wear them weekly. the geniuses at j. crew get all of the heart emojis from me this season.

watching | total transparency? right now, I am watching "titanic." (and yes--I'm still a tinge bitter that one of the girls I attended the theater show of, back in 1997, ruined the ending before I got to see it for myself). generically? I am loving "homeland" this season, and also have gotten into "casual" on hulu--have you seen it? I've also been bingeing on "girls" so I can be refreshed when it returns in january.

coveting | this coat. this campy watch.

sipping on | caramel apple spices. again... #sobasic.

jazzed about | my (gatsby-themed) birthday party! first trip to DC for work. the unstoppable force that is baylor football.

grateful for | my girlfriends. my health, and the health of my family. life in this amazing city. and of course, my sweet pup.

latest news | so, let's see... I haven't truly blogged anything of substance in months, so a quick play-by-play would have to include:

  •  finally going to ACL--which was every bit as amazing as I thought it would be. favorite acts include shakey graves, father john misty, alessia cara, walk the moon, sturgill simpson. 
  • I kicked off the new job in september--big adjustment from higher ed world, but so far, so good. to celebrate the new job and my impending big birthday, I splurged on that bag I've wanted since college
  • my newest nephew made his debut earlier this month. I hosted nearly thirty women for an inaugural "baylor women in nashville" event. we hosted our third-annual byop party--complete with pumpkin carving, my favorite chili and the best company. phew! like I said... it's been busy. 

up next | the remaining ten weeks of the year include a lot of travel, the holidays, my 30th... a pretty full docket.

I'm kicking myself for not taking the time to scrawl out a "30 by 30." and thus, I'll be implementing my own spin with a "30 in my 30th year" sorta thing--lots of self-improvement and new hobbies on the horizon, if you're into that kinda thing.

...and now? off to watch homeland... my adoration for carrie mathison's crazy knows no bounds.

have a good week, pretties!

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