January 25, 2016

so, I don't really do resolutions. I am constantly setting goals and making lists and fully immersing myself in all of my many plans, so resolutions just don't resonate with me. why wait until the beginning of a calendar to make a plan?

that being said, this year, I have a new plan I am resurrecting. ;) I want to strive to read three books a month: one for my work life/creative self, one for fun, and one for my spiritual health.

here's what's on the docket for this month (and by "month" I mean, set to wrap within the next week).

I know Gilbert is well-respected on the line-up of lifestyle-esque books, but I admittedly haven't ever delved into anything of hers (unless you count watching Julia Roberts in that movie). This is a newer one, and I think it will speak to my hesitations with diving in to all things creative. I've always been a super creative person, but I easily get bogged down by practicality:

Can I really write a book?
I can't make a side business out of this. 
I shouldn't waste too much time on this, I have too much other stuff going on.

I'm really excited to jump into this and see what I can take away.

Come to the Edge, Christina Haag

Ahhhh, my love for all things Kennedy continues. This is obviously my "fun" read--and it so is. Getting lost in Haag's retelling of her starry-eyed whimsical romance with JFK, Jr. will put any fictional tale to deep, deep shame (looking at you, Nick Sparks). I was so very young when his plane crashed that summer, and anything I read about him is so captivating--you really get the sense that he was this untouchable, illustrious God of a man, teeming with charm and so much promise.

Plan B, Pete Wilson

Plan B is one of the latest by my pastor, Pete Wilson. I began attending the church I would eventually call "home" well before I moved to Nashville... and mostly because of the deeply engaging warmth of this man. His messages resonate with me all week long, provide plenty of application, and they're relatable for all ages and stages of life. We did a sermon series on this subject matter, and it has stuck with me for months. 

Find me on Goodreads! I plan to tackle at least 36 books this year (whoa! #mathwhiz)... let's see how it goes.

Tell me--what have you read lately?

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