February 29, 2016

Part of me would really love to be super jazzed about the Oscars every year. The ballots and the gowns and the party-hosting opportunities... but the older I get, and the more my bleeding heart unveils yet one more cause to break over, I find myself pretty mehhh about spending six hours glued to the TV on my favorite day of the week. Don't get me wrong--I tuned it for a little of it last night, I'll skim through the dress recaps the morning after and maybe pay closer attention to an Oscar winner on my Apple TV recs, but overall, the whole ordeal just makes me kinda tired.

That said--did you see Lady Gaga's performance last night? The somewhat recent focus toward our country's rampant sexual assault problem is inspiring and casts a sheet of hope over an otherwise cynical stream of news headlines. I really, really appreciated the fact that such a broad platform was accessed to shed light on this horrendous epidemic.

...and Brie Larson's embracing of every survivor yielded all of the sobs and firmly secured her place on my Girl Crush Island. That said, go see Room. She earned every single ounce of that eight-pound statue.

Also, Mad Max was so bad I left the room and I fell asleep during The Martian. Weeks later, I'm still thinking about The Big Short, Spotlight was utterly fantastic, and I think Julianne Moore and Olivia Wilde stole the show in the dress department.

And I can't wait to see Brooklyn and The Danish Girl.

Oh, and yay Leo. :| There's my recap.

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