30 years, 11 months.

October 24, 2016

I began this series a few months back in an effort to document all of the big highlights and little moments worth remembering since my last birthday. I'm so guilty of reflecting back at the end of the week, at the end of another month, and feeling a tinge of disappointment--like I didn't do quite enough with the time I've been given. I still struggle with the "busy" factor--I dive headfirst into what matters to me, but have to be deliberate to not stretch myself too thin. And then I realize again that my exhaustively color-coded, overflowing calendar reflects this beautiful, overwhelmingly full life I've intentionally built for myself.

Today, I'm a mere month shy of 31. The theme of the past several weeks has been go, go, go. I haphazardly dipped my toe in the dating pool, kept trucking along with Junior League and Special Olympics events, and took some time out for--what else--live music. Pilgrimage fest was even better than I expected it would be (Langhorne Slim, City and Colour, and Kacey Musgraves being the highlights--in addition to the 300+ folks we got registered to vote!), and a return trip to ACL was just what my soul needed... so much of my favorite music in my favorite city, right smack dab in the middle of a week with all of the people who know me best. I spent a lot of quality time--usually over Mexican cuisine--with my Pops (and visited with mom too), and laughed and wined with my Baylor friends as if no time has passed since I left Texas four years ago. Hockey season returned (!), and all at once we found ourselves basking on the porch, soaking up the chilly nights and dewy mornings of a changing season as our pool days concluded. My girlfriends have been a welcomed, constant fixture on weeknights and weekends alike, as we find any excuse to make grandiose events out of chili nights and debate-watching parties. I excitedly hopped on board a spin bike for the first time in months, as my friend opened a brand spanking new studio on the east side. I also ventured back to Vanderbilt to work my fifth year at Reunion--which is always a ton of fun for me, reigniting all of excitement of playing event manager, if only for one night.

Working out and sleep took a backseat, but I still managed to somehow get exactly what I needed. Crazy to think that in just a handful of weeks, a new year--of promise and challenges, growth and so much laughing--will be at my feet. Until then, I'm (planning on) taking time to just lay a little low.

But then? Bring it on 31.

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