October 27, 2016

On my sporadic nights in, clad in beloved yoga pants, I can be found with my laptop aglow, Maizie flanking one side, Netflix providing the welcomed background noise amidst the soft rattle of my keyboard strokes. Occasionally, whatever show I've mindlessly clicked my way through ends up being gripping enough to capture my unbridled attention... and somehow I've managed to hit the viewing jackpot lately.

Here's the top five that I've had queued up lately:

Amanda Knox documentary. 

Holy hell. I was fascinated with this case when it was happening in real time (can you believe it was nearly 10 years ago?), read her book and followed the subsequent trials. But this? Completely chronicles Knox's perspective, and the shoddy way the trial and cases were handled by Italian authorities, and where they all are now. Highly recommend.


Ah, we meet again. I haven't wrapped up season two yet, but I am more captivated than ever by Mr. Escobar and the intricacies of his insane Colombian drug empire. This one is definitely worth the hype, just be prepped to be glued to lots of subtitles and witness the gore escalate as the episodes roll on.

The West Wing. 

A classic that's been suggested to me time and again. I was left grasping for a new political drama after I concluded my Scandal binge, and since House of Cards and Homeland won't be returning for a few more months. Oddly enough, the show kicked off in 1999, and yet the first few episodes feature storylines about Syrian terrorism and police shootings. Sad, and yet strangely prophetic. The characters are wonderfully developed and you'll get attached... can't believe I've waited this long to get into this one.

Iliza Schlesinger ::: Confirmed Kills. 

My favorite funny girl is back. I've seen her stand-up twice here in Nashville and she's wildly hilarious. Her third special debuted a few weeks ago and showcases her token self-deprecating humor, complete with all of the goofy situations that we girls are painfully familiar with. It's good, but wasn't my favorite (her first one, War Paint is). 

 JT + The Tennessee Kids. 

The perfect musical interlude. Most music specials are prime background noise material, but how can you not watch this man dance? The whole performance (we're talking like a dozen people) is just phenomenal. Run, don't walk. Watch it now.

...this is my tiptoeing back into Hey, Friday territory--thanks, Karli!

Have a fabulous weekend, y'all! 

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