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November 28, 2016

I'm all about a side hustle. I've always been wired that way. In college? I worked retail, in a craft store, was a lifeguard and taught swim lessons, worked for the yearbook and for two local newspapers (albeit not all at once, though there was overlap here and there). I just have entirely too many interests and thoughts going to kick back and trudge through a 9-5 only.

Exhibit A: I've been on the Beautycounter train for almost a year now (more on that later), and more recently, finally kicked off a little Etsy endeavor of my own. I secured the store name TheSewcialite several years ago, as I'd planned to make and sell throw pillows. Upon further investigation, I realized:

1. LOTS of people were selling throw pillows
2. LOTS of people were far more talented than I
3. ...and selling their gems at a far less price than I'd planned to sell mine.

And so my dreams of an Etsy empire were dashed. My little ol' store laid dormant for years, although I played with some creative thoughts here and there. Cue late 2016 and my rush of a "now or never" mentality in damn near all areas of my life, and I finally settle on personalized cross-stitching! The idea was hatched after I customized an engagement gift for a dear friend, and thought, hey... I could do this.

...and so The Sewcialite was born.

Back story: my Mimi taught me to cross-stitch when I was maybe 10 or 11, but until this fall, I hadn't picked up a hoop and aida fabric since junior high. Designing and creating these makes me feel closer to her--especially at a time of year when the magnitude of her loss seems to resonate the most.

And so, I'm making custom cross-stitch pieces for any and every possible celebration--if you dream it, I will stitch. Christmas is right around the corner, and an obvious idea, but these make fantastic bridal and baby shower gifts, birthday surprises, and anything and everything in between. Let me brainstorm with you--I'm offering custom characters on the Etsy shop, but I can create basically whatever you have in mind. Shoot me an email and let's talk.

And if you have an idea in mind already, until midnight, I'm offering a 20% discount for Cyber Monday--just use code BF2017 at checkout. Come check out the goods!

Happy shopping!

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