here lately.

November 16, 2016

loving ::: my abundantly full, color-coded calendar. the fog draped over the pond outside my balcony on these 40-degree mornings. movie nights. hilarious snaps of my nephew doing baby thangs. finally wearing boots with my skinnies.
listening ::: Anderson East's Delilah.
Lake Street Dive's Side Pony.
Sarah Hyland's cover of the Chainsmokers' "Closer." SWOON.
oh, and Kacey Musgraves's new Christmas album.
reading ::: "Blackout," by Sarah Hepola.
"The Sound of Gravel," by Ruth Wariner."
and this fantastic article by my friend Kimberly.
writing ::: plans for 2017 in my new agenda... a little blogging here and there. and another little project I'm not super ready to delve into yet, but I've been writing a lot and I really, really love how it's making me feel.
craving ::: all of the ridiculously rich holiday food. I made this green bean casserole Monday for a friendsgiving and it was insanely delicious. half+half instead of canned soup is a gamechanger, as are the homemade fried onions. and I really can't wait to bake my chocolate pecan pie.
planning ::: what am I not planning?? a few birthday dinners, a bachelorette party (first trip to Vegas!), going away parties, a pie party in December, my Christmas trip home, and lots of 2017 travel.
wearing ::: my newest go-to jeans. all of the Wildfox sweatshirts... my official wardrobe until March.
smelling ::: a version of my favorite winter candle. my good friend is mixing his own, and it somehow smells even better than Anthro's, and you better believe that I light that sucker, first thing as soon as I walk in the door, every day.
drinking ::: all of the lemon Lacroix (I go through flavor phases). my favorite sauvignon blanc from Trader Joe's. and this custom coffee/hot cocoa situation I dreamed up during a slow afternoon at work a few weeks back.
snacking on ::: cheese plates (always). lots of pepper jam. Trader Joe's gingerbread men = alllll the heart eyes.
bingeing ::: The West Wing, finally. just started Good Girls Revolt and loving it. also gearing up for a refresher of Homeland before it comes back.
working on ::: nailing down the perfect gift for everyone. divying up that Thanksgiving menu.
needing ::: gah, this sounds a little smug, but I can't come up with one thing I need. I am so, so delightfully content right now.
...but while we're on it, I really think my cheese will look fancier on this. and while "need" may not be exactly accurate, I really, really want this punchy coat for Christmas. and I've been obsessed with Hearne Dry Goods lately.
feeling ::: myself for the first time in a really, really long time. And it feels really, really good.
anticipating ::: aforementioned birthday celebrations, surrounded by my dearest friends. the impending holidays and all that comes with them -- baking, decorating, buying surprises for everyone I love... the excitement of a new year!
wishing ::: the sunlight lasted just a wee bit longer here at the end of the day in middle Tennessee. other than that, I'm kinda living the dream, y'all.

What are you up to lately?


  1. I love this style of post! I may have to borrow it! Totally agree on the sunlight needing to last a little longer. I feel like the nights are so long. When are you going to Vegas? We go the first week of December every year--lmk if you need any recs!

  2. Thank you, dear!! :) Heading to Vegas in April and would love any and all help we can get! :) Have fun on your trip!


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