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July 5, 2017

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In the interim while I figure out what to do with this thing, I thought I might press on with corralling some of my best recent finds... this is seriously one of my favorite kinds of posts, as I am perpetually that girl who has to tell absolutely anyone and everyone who will listen about the latest cool thing I've happened upon. So... you're welcome.

  • Canceled my cable recently (jubilance!) and I try to listen to TED talks in the morning when I get ready in the absence of my morning news. With this one though? I found myself breathless and tear-stained between blowdrying my hair and refilling my coffee. 
  • I love the idea of curiosity cabinets... so dreamy and classic. What do you think?
  • After nearly a year of searching, my beloved church announced its new lead pastor this week (a cool message from him here). The general consensus I've heard is that everyone is really, really excited. 
  • Such an achingly beautiful piece on motherhood. 
  • I just won this cookbook as part of an instagram giveaway (lucky me!) and am really loving it. Homegirl is local and I have the hugest girl crush. 
  • Speaking of local... Paul McDonald is the latest jam master who I can't get enough of. Listen to this really cool version of one of his latest singles. Careful--it's addicting. 
  • Pictures of hipsters, taking pictures of food. Because you haven't seen enough of it IRL. 
  • I just, rather impulsively, hacked my hair off at my shoulders and am loving the playful, summery update. I end up wearing it like this a lot... what's your favorite summer go-to style?
  • The Madoff scandal remains deeply fascinating to me (one of my favorite books came from that, here). Did you watch the HBO movie too? I thought it was pretty intriguing, based on what I've read of the stories. 
  • Trader Joe's snack round-ups are the best... probably because I'm so accustomed to shopping for the same ol' things, I usually overlook the goods (prep yourself for mango overload here). One noticeable item absent from this list? Jalapeño lemonade. Y-U-M. 

Hope you and yours had the loveliest Fourth!

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