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August 4, 2017

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hey, hey, hey... how's it going? Just like that, August is here. I'm skedaddling off to for a long overdue trip home to Texas next weekend, and my heart is just so happy. While the summer in Nashville has been pretty brutal, heat-wise, the days have been good to me, and I know my time at home will just add endlessly to that bucket of gratitude.

But enough about that... here's some goodness for you:

  • I never knew why the "no white after Labor Day" rule came about (and yes, I adhere to it)... but now I do. 
  • Speaking of whites... I hosted a favorite things party a couple weeks ago and ended up with a new Essie polish--the perfect, elegant, pinky, white nude (and I feel like I've tried them all). 
  • Haim hits it out of the park again. And I love how they spell out all of the background of writing this kick-ass new album. 
  • Anyone else totally weak when it comes to Wikipedia rabbit holes? Here's one of my favorites... 
  • This piece about French moms is just endlessly fascinating to me. 
  • Perspective is an amazing, earth-shattering thing. 
  • How cool is this infographic, showing how common each birthday in the year is?? (fun fact--mine of November 24th is the 352th most popular!)
  • Steel Magnolias was one of the first non-Disney movies I ever remember watching--always surrounded by the women in my family, naturally. I even portrayed M'Lynn on stage when I was a freshman in high school... and after all immersion, I still never knew the full back story until this week. So fascinating! Can you believe it's been 30 years?
  • Venmo shares all of our spending secrets. I've thought about this a time or two, and it's hilarious to see someone else having written out what has crossed my mind.
  • Were you part of the masses who read "When Breath Becomes Air?" What very well might be my favorite book I've read this year, completed by the author's wife. Such a heart-wrenchingly raw and beautiful love.

Have the loveliest weekend!

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