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September 7, 2017

Remember that time I yammered on about how I'd plow through no fewer than three books a month in a grandiose effort to establish a more fulfilling, fruitful 2016? Ha. Then life happens, and there are events at which to toast, Netflix binges in which to snuggle with the boyfriend, and little fuzzy white dogs who demand all of the love and attention... among other things.

So yeah. I've fallen short of the plan.

However, true to form, I still have the best of intentions--and plan to knock out at least 20 books by year's end, regardless of how many I manage to get my little mitts on each month. Here's a lineup of what I hope to tackle before fall is in full force:

Play With Fire ::: Bianca Olthoff 
Love Does ::: Bob Goff
Nothing to Prove ::: Jennie Allen

Personal Betterment:
Gifts of Imperfection ::: Brene Brown
Do Over ::: Jon Acuff
Presence ::: Amy Cuddy

Hillbilly Elegy ::: J.D. Vance
Sweetbitter ::: Stephanie Danler
Furiously Happy ::: Jenny Dawson

I just finished Love Warrior (Glennon Doyle Melton) last night. Holy WOW. Her raw vulnerability led me to race through the pages in a matter of days, and made me crave being a better writer... such a beautifully written memoir about self-discovery and the struggle of not settling.

What have you read lately? Are you following me on Goodreads?

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