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October 6, 2017

October!! Can it be?! It's about that time when I blink and all at once, I'm addressing Christmas cards, and Maizie's donning a sweater, and I'm struggling to creatively fit gifts in a suitcase, Tetris-style, for my trip home. I so very much love the transition into fall, and the sensation of shedding the previous months' stresses while watching the world evolve around me. So for now, despite the 80-degree days, I will savor every little minute... wearing my jeggings and booties, obviously.

Here's some goodness from the past couple weeks:
  • Science tells us why campfires are romantic. I won't dispute that.
  • My "perfect workday" looks somewhat like this... what say you?
  • Speaking of work--this is how to appear smart in meetings. LAWL.
  • My love for Wildfox knows no bounds... their beach sweatshirts are incredibly soft and cozy, and it's like fooling the fool with what amounts to wearing a blanket emblazoned with the sassiest phrasing. This one made its way to my Christmas list.
  • Hallelujah! Beautycounter gives us an effortless eye makeup remover, y'all.
  • May Designs collaborated with Target and everything is amazing. I've already scooped up my 2018 planner.
  • If this means I can get my beloved Topo Chico without driving thirty miles, I am so on board.
  • I am most certainly on the sheet mask train, but I've yet to buy into the selfie craze.
  • Bumble Bizz fascinates me to no end. What do you think about it? Would you try it?
  • I'm thisclose to breaking up with my Keurig for this guy. Have you used one? It's pure magic.
  • Children of the '90s, you're welcome

Happy Weekend, y'all!

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