September 2, 2018

Gah, blogging is such an ebb and flow game for me. I stick with it and mosey back here every couple of months because I love having the outlet. I love retreating to this little nest to just purge my thoughts into. I come up with ideas I want to write about constantly, almost daily... I just don't have the time or energy or need to pour it all out here on a consistent basis. I'm skeptical of people who post daily... I think part of me doubts that authenticity that I try to stay true to myself.

I dare say I'll never traipse into the world of fashion blogging. Can't really see myself ever transitioning into a mommy blogger--though, it's arguable that my obsession with my pups would be a great precedent for documenting the requisite chaos and cuddles with human children. Definitely don't have the patience or time to be a food blogger. So... where do I fit in? I've asked myself that for years when it comes to this scene.

What I've settled on--after being in the blogging game for about 15 years, give or take--is that I'll always just return here when something strikes a chord within me. Not to say everything poured out onto this page will be dripping with deep substance... but I can promise that when I write, it's because I want to have a voice about something, something that resonates--not merely stick to a schedule, or follow an expected cadence of post formats.

That said, more and more lately has been igniting me... beckoning to me to return here again in order to try and fit feelings onto a screen in an attempt to find some semblance of order and sense. Coming to terms with toxic relationships, the loss of McCain and what that means for our country's future, being shaped by a small town and the resentment and pride that encompasses that, drawing boundaries with people in order to become who I'm supposed to be. It's all swimming in my head, begging for some structure.

So... stay tuned. And thank you for reading still. 

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