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September 16, 2018

weekend, I love you.

we're hunkered down, recovering from the cold we keep passing back and forth to one another, taking in hours of football, which comes as a shock to no one. I live for a low-key weekend lately...  glancing at our calendar and seeing all of the blocked out days for the remainder of 2018 is equal parts exhilarating and exhausting. what have you got going on this weekend?

so, now I come to you, asking for help. we're jetsetting a little bit in october and november, and would love any suggestions you have for what we need to embrace in asheville, austin and san francisco!

I grew up an hour north of austin, and know the touristy high points. so what I'm asking for here is what you would absolutely push us to see/do/eat, knowing we'll be there for less than 24 hours. is there anything new-ish (within the past five years) that would be life-changing for us to experience?

october is taking us to asheville for a wedding weekend, so we're jazzed to do all of the hiking and brewery bouncing. we've been to sierra nevada, wicked weed, hi-wire, burial... and we know the biltmore is beautiful and all, but please! all brewery/coffeehouse/unique hike suggestions welcomed!

and november will usher us out to san francisco--mostly so J can attend a work conference, but I'll have a lot of solo time, and we'd love to know your eatery/coffee/bookstore recs especially.

I will always gravitate more toward hole-in-the-wall establishments, and tend to avoid the mainstream "top ___ dinners" lists that anyone can google from their phone. so, the more obscure or tucked away, the better.

thank you, thank you, thank you! now, feel free to go about your weekends.

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