December 9, 2018

There's a habit being formed here... whoops. A third of December is gone, and admittedly, so too have a few of these plans been put to bed. I have a lot more on my mind for tying up the tail end of 2018, much of which is woven into experiencing Advent, being deeply grateful for this life I've been granted, and savoring the miracle of this Christmas season, as I eagerly pave the way for 2019.

Life has taught us how to find our own ways through the ups and downs of resolutions and altered plans... of navigating the surprises and heartaches. How to trudge through the lulls of dull winters and trying in vain to slow the rapid-fire nature of warmer seasons that plow unrelenting at us--but there's something so inspiring about concluding a year--truly, honestly reflecting and knowing with confidence that every little moment and situation had its place in your story--and marching right into the promise of the next, knowing (and yet, not knowing) all it will undoubtedly hurl your way.

I hope wherever you are, whatever is on your immediate horizon, you find something fondly to remember 2018 for, and that you have more than a few things to smile about, pondering what 2019 holds.

Happy December, lovelies--three weeks left until 2019!

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