clearing the path for 2019.

January 1, 2019

We made it!! January one. New year, clean slate, fresh start--all of the colloquialisms you can shake a stick at. "Resolution" has such an ominous, demanding tone--and I fancy myself more "goal-minded" anyway. You've got to throw some intentionality at whatever you're chasing to make progress in this life--you can't will change to just happen. Writing down your goals is a decent start, but sometimes you have to clear away some of what bogs you down in order to pave the way for good.

Here are some of the tactics I've woven into my thought process as I ponder what I want out of 2019:

  • Start with the easiest: write down what you want to achieve. Make it your own, start small--really consider yourself and how you want to grow--if you know you struggle with getting stuff done, do whatever you need to do to keep your goals measurable and achievable in increments. You're more likely to be successful in your pursuit if you have tangible steps outlined, written down, and yeah, even posted or visible somewhere to keep yourself accountable.
  • Strongly reevaluate your screen time and what you're filling your feeds with. Even the most confident of people is weighed down by the fluffy posts inundating our social media streams. Take some time to purge your feed of anything that holds you back -- friendships that aren't building you up, stores that are draining your pocket, joke sites that are a waste of time. Keep it fresh, and curate it a bit to reflect the kind of person you're aiming to be.
  • Commit to a daily ritual that keeps you grounded. It could be a morning prayer or meditation, or a walk and a podcast, or afternoon cup of tea while you take a couple minutes for some mindfulness, a consistent schedule for working out, a half-hour each evening for reading. Keep some routine in your day that drives you along as you pursue whatever it is you're aiming for. Even if the task isn't directly linked to whatever your goals are, the structure is good for you.
  • Do your research. Read more about whatever it is you want to know more about. I love memoirs, personally, because I deeply love people. I love psychology and understanding why people do what they do. I love personal development because I want to spend my days becoming the absolute best version of myself. Identify what gets you going and stop at nothing to understand why. Not a reader? Find TED talks and podcasts to drive your focus. Seek out a networking event or organization to keep you accountable. Just do something.
  • Keep an attitude of gratitude. Successful people attribute so many of their wins to mindset. About understanding they won't always succeed on the first go-round, and to trudge onward, undaunted. Find things you're thankful for and be vocal about it. Positivity is infectious, and you attract what you emanate. Remaining upbeat will drive your momentum and keep you on the walkway to your own wins.

Finally, check in with yourself. Reevaluate where you need to. Set calendar alerts for yourself at intervals--are you on your way to getting what you want, come April? August? Don't be afraid to share yourself with a mentor or close friend in an effort to hold you true to your goals.

My 19 in 2019 list is coming soon, but for now I want to know: what are you looking at 2019 for, for yourself?

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