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January 6, 2019

I told you earlier this week that I'd much prefer to chase myself some goals, and sort of recoil at the whole premise of "resolutions". I think a balance of modest and grandiose is a good mix to aim for, and crafted together a list of 19 to commemorate the year.

  1. Put together a photo book of 2018--especially documenting our trips and chronicling the everyday routines that stick out in my mind as how we got lost in our weekends together.
  2. Visit Chicago together (go to a Cubs game!). Can you believe I've never been to the Windy City? As J's birthplace, I think it's a must.
  3. Get Maizie's teeth cleaned. My sweet girl needs it. Part of the plan to keep her on this planet for another decade.
  4. Try kickboxing.
  5. Get all of our prints framed! We've been accumulating some art over the past few months, and I've been indifferent about framing. No more cardboard tubes taking up corners of our precious square footage.
  6. Read 19 books. I'm aiming for more, but for list's sake, keeping with the 19 theme.
  7. Give blood. My dad began giving years ago, selflessly gives every 56 days, and has given dozens of pints at this point--he's my hero.
  8. Volunteer with Meals on Wheels. The senior and mobility-affected populations tug at my heart so deeply--Meals on Wheels was one of the first organizations with which I volunteered as a kid, and I'm eager to spend some lunch breaks, meeting folks with a meal.
  9. Introduce Wrigley to his siblings. We got in touch with some of his siblings' parents a while back, so the seed has been planted! A reunion is coming!
  10. Be published. I miss writing. The whole process, the writer's block, the endless editing, the thrill of seeing my name in print... it's time I get back at it.
  11. Celebrate my high school reunion in the fall. Can't for the life of me believe it's been 15 years since I traipsed the halls of LHS.
  12. Dive into the Enneagram more. I know I'm a 2, and J is a 5, and am familiar with allll the numbers of my closest people, but I want to soak up as much as I can about how I relate to people in all aspects of my life, and how to best adjust when need be.
  13. Visit Florida in February. Soak up some sun with J, and hang out with a dear friend who moved down last summer.
  14. Attend a networking event monthly.
  15. Have a necklace made from my Mimi's jewelry. I have a handful of art deco-ish pieces that I've held onto since we lost her nine years ago, and am excited to have them cast into something I can wear daily in her memory.
  16. Take a flower arranging class.
  17. Flex my "no" muscle more. See also: number 12. As I grasp more and more how fleeting any free time is, I'm being more intentional on how I spend my time, and the company I keep. This will be a challenge for me, being who I am at my core, but I know it'll be the best for my soul.
  18. Fundraise in my mom's memory at Walk MS Nashville. I try to stay consistent with this, and it'll be my third year, supporting the cause in my mom's name.
  19. Buy a house! We love this city and plan to stick around for a while.

What are your plans for the year? Big or small, I wanna hear 'em all!

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