impossibly happy.

April 20, 2019

oh hey. remember me? I used to fancy myself a blogger.

...but I've been more than just a little preoccupied for the past month.

weightless--floating on a proverbial cloud,

cheeks sore from the perma-grin,

so teeming with the purest, sweetest of joys I could absolutely explode.

we're engaged and busily planning our dream wedding for autumn. we can't freaking wait to share our love story with the people who know and love us the deepest, and embark on a marriage we've both prayed for, all our lives.

thank you for years of following along with me--I'll dare to say you can expect to have a little more bridal content popping up here in the next little bit.

I never knew a depth of love like this could exist, and I am just endlessly grateful to God that he led us to each other--amidst all of the terrible decisions, really bad dates, the gnawing impatience and the dismal wondering if life would eventually pan out the way I always dreamed it could... here I am, living day-to-day in something that far and above exceeds anything I could ever map out for myself. I am so, so endlessly, forever grateful for His love, mercy and faithfulness.

...and I absolutely cannot wait to be your wife, Joel.

Now excuse me while I get back to this syrupy sweet stage that I never, ever want to forget.

...six months and counting, y'all! Here we go!!

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