100 in 1001.

So, I'm stretching this a bit--I technically began knocking out some of these in late 2016, but for documentation purposes, let's just say I am kicking off this path as of 1.1.17--which gives me a final date of 9.28.19.

  1. Open an etsy store.  (oh hey!)
  2. Make my first sale.
  3. Make a pallet sign.
  4. Lead a bible study with my small group. (Seamless, Angie Smith... amazing.)
  5. Take a calligraphy class.
  6. Learn it well enough to use.
  7. Run a 10k in under 1:15.
  8. Finally buy those gray Fryes.
  9. Write a book.
  10. Start a Baylor women's alumni group in Nashville.
  11. Finish my college scrapbooks.
  12. Complete my t-shirts quilts.
  13. Visit Boston!
  14. Yell my head off at Fenway.
  15. Eat a lobster roll.
  16. Trek across the river to stroll through Harvard Yard.
  17. Visit San Francisco! 
  18. ...and Fisherman's Wharf and Pier 39.
  19. Snap that iconic Golden Gate photo.
  20. Visit Seattle/Portland.
  21. Feast at Pike Place Market.
  22. Pizza at Delancey.
  23. Visit Asheville!
  24. ...and the Biltmore.
  25. Hang at the Battery Park Book Exchange.
  26. Find myself holed up in a cabin for a weekend.
  27. Earn a leadership role within JL.  Serve others well.
  28. Go to my first NFL game (Bears @ Titans! 8.27.17)
  29. Invest in my dream bag.
  30. Redesign my blog.
  31. Read 15 books for personal/professional health. 
  32. Read 15 books for spiritual health.
  33. Read 15 fluff books. 
  34. Create tea towels from my Mimi's handwritten recipes.
  35. Invest in some grown-up luggage.
  36. Raise funds in memory of my Mom for the MS Society.
  37. Start a little dog treat side hustle.
  38. Go ice skating.
  39. Buy a fiddle leaf fig for my living room.
  40. Take a specialty cooking class. (cooking with wine! 9.9.17)
  41. Organize my Spotify playlists.
  42. Buy some Sam Cooke vinyl.
  43. Send a girlfriend flowers, just because.
  44. Try oysters.
  45. Kiss under the mistletoe.
  46. Write my 18-year-old self.
  47. Write my 45-year-old self.
  48. Take a weekly spin class for a month.
  49. Leave a 100% tip.
  50. Finish out my bar cart.
  51. Give Christmas to a child through my church.
  52. Leave the continental U.S.
  53. Go scuba diving again.
  54. Find a go-to cheap wine. (The Seeker, New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc)
  55. Give blood at least twice a year.
  56. Design and send Christmas cards each year (2016 - check).
  57. Send 52 gratitude letters one year--one a week.
  58. Take a train ride--destination irrelevant.
  59. Learn to play my ukelele.
  60. Increase my retirement contribution.
  61. Send surprise care packages to my nieces and nephews, out of the blue.
  62. Get a refresher from Pops on how to change my oil.
  63. Try 10 new restaurants each year (2016: 5th+Taylor, Le Sel, Tupelo Honey, Virago, Butcher+Bee, Holland House, Otaku, Five Daughters, Salt+Vine, Table 3, Mangia, Proper Bagel...
    2017: Pizza Rev, Vui's...)
  64. Try a kick-boxing class.
  65. Finish an online course... in anything.
  66. Bake and deliver cookies to the first responders in my neighborhood.
  67. Update and maintain my portfolio.
  68. Document my family tree as far as I can manage.
  69. Buy a Kalita Wave or Chemex.
  70. Take a solo (non-work) trip.
  71. Expand my vinyl collection.
  72. Take a floral design class.
  73. Have my palm read.
  74. 30-day shred. For like, thirty straight days.
  75. Frame the prints I've had sitting forever.
  76. Serve as a mentor.
  77. Organize another Christmas card drive for active duty military.
  78. Day trip to Leiper's Fork.
  79. Plan a little staycation in Nashville.
  80. ...Love Circle.
  81. Full Moon Pickin' Party.
  82. Natchez Trace, windows down.
  83. 12 South Winter Warmer.
  84. Plan a girls' trip somewhere out of town.
  85. Go to a show a month, every year (2016: Alessia Cara, Wild Feathers, Leon Bridges, Lone Bellow, Alabama Shakes, Houndmouth, Punch Brothers, Avett Brothers, Mayer Hawthorne, Lumineers (twice!), Lake Street Dive, Live on the Green, Pilgrimage, ACL...
    2017: Chicano Batman, Nathaniel Rateliff + the Night Sweats, Kendrick Lamar, Lake Street Dive, Lolo, Led Zeppelin with the Symphony, ...)
  86. Buy a new Macbook.
  87. Take off on my birthday for a completely self-indulgent day.
  88. Perfect a Bolognese recipe. Cook it for someone I love.
  89. Give to Baylor's scholarship fund for A&S students.
  90. Write my short stories book.
  91. Finally see Holly Williams in concert.
  92. Binge on West Wing (in progress).
  93. Host my annual Thanksgiving/Christmas party (2016, done!).
  94. Mini West Texas adventure--El Cosmico, Davis Mountains, Big Bend, Marfa...
  95. Buy a new(ish) car.
  96. Earn manager title within Beautycounter.
  97. Create a family photo album for my parents.
  98. Open secondary savings account.
  99. Take a goat yoga class.
  100. Make it a point to reach out to someone I love weekly, just so they know I'm thinking of them.

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