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Well, hey there!! I'm Megan.

Born and raised in Texas, I skipped my way to Nashville in June of 2012, where I live with my spunky, ever-entertaining and shamelessly spoiled maltese, Maizie.

While "Texan" is one of the proudest labels I don, I'm shamelessly smitten with Nashville. This place? Yep. Really as great as everyone claims it is.

Born the oldest of four, an ESFJ, and prototypical type-A, I'm happiest when my day-planner is full. I'm an active Junior Leaguer, obsessed with barre classes and spending time on the greenway with my little pup, and really love my church. I feel most like myself when I'm nurturing the relationships with the people I love--usually through cooking and baking, or just good ol' snail mail.

What else you should know: I am perpetually late, bake my own dog treats and Facetime my dad almost every day. I wish on 11:24 (my birthday), live for college football (sic 'em, Bears!), and can never read enough Kennedy biographies. I lost my mom to M.S. in December 2012, and really feel drawn to spread awareness about this awful disease... I bring it up here from time to time.

I love: hosting dinner parties, pups, all kindsa music, book club, sleeping in, fresh flowers, NPR, patio time and craft beer, puns, TheSkimm, going home to Texas, and a fresh manicure.

At 31, I'm definitely still learning--from my little stint in life, I can tell you to treasure good advice, never stop making plans, and learn how to say 'no.' Call your grandparents, have a signature something, and always remember where you came from.

Thanks for swinging by--I really love having you here.


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